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January 9, 2010
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Horde for Rainmeter by crucafix Horde for Rainmeter by crucafix
Another RainMeter Skins from me :D:

* Circle System Resources
* Power Toy
* Enigma RSS Reader
* HUD.Vision CPU Temperature (modded)
* Enigma Network Address (modded)
* Enigma Nework Line (modded)
* HUD.Vision CPU (modded)
* HUD.Vision Date Vision
* Blue Dream HDD3
* Kingdom Hearts Memorized Clock
* Enigma Taskbar
* Enigma Calendar
* Enigma Twitter Reader (modded)

Dark Wallpaper by Horder:…

Copyright for these skins goes by:

Power Toy by Nylons…

HUD.Vision by Mepu…

Kingdom Hearts Rainmeter Skins by Tashstrife89…

Enigma by Kaelri
(Default Skin)

Blue Dream by FrenchinAlps…

Circle For Rainmeter by Aidaaah…

Download are enabled!
Comment will be appreciated :D

Featured here:…
Thank you, :iconvineyvande19: :)
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newprogrammer Feb 1, 2014  New member
how can a .rar file be converted to .rmskin file????
Chazzfazzle Feb 2, 2014  New member
As of v2.3 it can't. However, since v2.3, the Skin Packager tool is included in the Rainmeter GUI. Simply create a new skin and point the packager tool to the parent folder of his skin components. Give it a name and even a version # if you want and then create it. Voiala, a skin you can install and enjoy.

Here is a good article from Rainmeter:…

Note that you only need to specify a skin in this instance and not any layouts or plugins as he has already done this for you.
How do you do the bar at the bottom ?? I mean the task manager, my computer start menu etc. icons
how do i fix the news? dont know how to fix so i can see it
would u tell me how to use this, I'm newbie.. I've download your file but I dunno how to install it
rakila Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nice...Thanks for share man. :-)
Your skin has been ripped and uploaded with malware [link]
The zip file it comes in contains a file called INSTALLER-RUN FIRST.exe. He has two skins in his gallery and they are both ripped and both have malware.

I've reported it, but they probably won't delete it because it doesn't show up in virus scanners, but rainmeter skins don't come with that type of file.

As the original creator of this skin, could you please report it to deviantART as it is stolen artwork so that it can be removed?
crucafix Jul 5, 2011  Student Interface Designer
thank you for your report, ive already reported it. thank you once again :)
tashstrife89 Jan 26, 2011   Filmographer
Thanks for the mention I appreciate it <3

Rainmeter skin looks sweet! nice and clean. Good Job.
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